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About Mumma Torrisi

Mumma Torrisi Fine Foods was created when my husband and I got bored with the same old cheeseboard accompaniments. So I had a bit of a play around in the kitchen. Starting with the Figs in Port and Pickled Onions, we now have over 25 products in our range. The vast majority of our products are very versatile, and with their many applications you now have breakfast, lunch, dinner, nibbles, dessert AND cocktails taken care of.

The other reason behind developing such a diverse range of products, is that each year for Christmas, we would give family, friends and work colleagues a lovely hamper each. Mumma Torrisi products make for a perfect hamper or stocking stuffer.

And so began Mumma Torrisi Fine Foods.

We pride ourselves on creating very tasty gourmet food that is realistically priced.

Enjoy & best wishes,

Alana  aka Mumma Torrisi